Vince Law

Interested in learning more about PMing? Check out an earlier piece I wrote on WTF is a Product Manager!

I get regular inquiries, either from my students or folks within my network, on how one can transition into product management. I recently decided to see what other folks have also…

Getting your proverbial foot-in-the-door is among hardest steps when are looking to transition to a new career.

Most career transition advice have you focusing either building specifics skills or following certain tried-and-true tactics to make sure someone chooses you, but I have argued that making the right decision on where…

Doing nothing is always an option. It’s not always a popular option, but it often gets overlooked as an option at all. Especially in times of crisis, the instinct to act is so great that we often forget doing nothing may be the best option. …

Vince Law

Product Consultant | Adjunct Professor | Executive Coach; former head of Product Management @ GA.

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